Testimonials – Meladine

“I just wanted to let you know why you have recently seen a major increase in our orders for the product Meladine. We have had a major increase or clients the require help with their laser treatment due to light and non treatable hair. As in the past I have seen products that have promised great results and delivered a less than satisfactory outcome. We receive clientele from all social groups including a large number from the Transgender community. Many of these clients cannot afford to “go through the change” until later in life and by this time some of the facial hair has began to turn gray or white. This presents a bigger problem for them than convenience. We tried Meladine on a few of these clients to test the results. To tell you the truth, I did not expect results as listed in the brochure and clinical studies. Let’s just say I was surprised and my clients have seen a major improvement in their hair removal success. Your company releases a 50-60% success rate on thicker hairs. I believe it, in fact, it might be closer to 70%. I have had many female clients with hormone conditions that cause excess growth of blonde facial hair. I have been selling them Meladine and have been ecstatic with their results plus the fact that I can now accept clients that would have otherwise been turned away. Your product has increased our laser sales and made many of my clients happy and hair free! You should look forward hearing from us on a regular basis.”
- Skin 360 Laser Spa

“We are having fantastic results with Meladine! Our clients get rid of the hair they didn’t realize they could before Meladine”.
- Laserderm Medspa

“All my clients that use Meladine correctly have seen results, both the fine hair and the coarse.”
- Body Perfect

“It has been great to see people who never thought they could get rid of their unwanted hair discover they can with Meladine. Meladine has given a lot of people hope and offered a solution for their unwanted hair that was previously untreatable.”
- Sona Laser Center of Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, VA

“Our clients love it, it just flies of the shelves!”
- Laser Advantage of East County, Antioch, CA

“I wish I bought all my products from you. You are on the ball, well informed, and really treat me well. Thank you!”
- Images Inc, Sumter, SC

“We started using Meladine in our office in April 2002. Clinical guidelines were men and women skin types I-III on multiple areas of the body for white, blond, and grey hair. Our studies show that when USED CORRECTLY 75% of these patients show a 65-75% clearing of the hair.”
- Radiant Laser Hair Removal Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Meladine is working great and the patients love it.”
- Amazing Laser, Austin, TX

“My clients are seeing good results with Meladine!”
- Laser Med Cosmetics, Parsons, KS

“Meladine is the only product that has allowed us to offer laser treatment to light-haired client. Without Meladine we would have to turn them all away.”
- Canton, NY

“We are seeing good success with Meladine in our clinic!”
- Hall & Hall Dermatology, Morgantown, WV

“We are seeing the results that we expected with Meladine. It works great on fine blonde hair.”
- Sona Laser Center of Indianapolis, Indianapolis IN

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