Dennis R. Jones

Excerpts from the Book

“There are those who read about other people’s experiences, and then there are those who experience a life that others only read about. This is that kind of book.”

“One of the most dangerous issues facing the church today is Political Correctness. Is the Church Becoming More Politically Correct than Biblically Correct?”

“The ultimate goal in all these things is to take the Word of God out of our lives, out of our churches, and crush our dependence upon Him. The only way that can be done is by destroying two of the things that God cares most about: the sanctity of human life and the sanctity of marriage.”

“At this hour, Satan is waging war with the people of God, trying to eradicate the true religion and erect his own earthly kingdom. It’s a war that will determine, one way or another, the future of everything we hold to be sacred and true. If we lose this battle, we will lose the church. If we lose this battle, we will lose our country. And if we lose this battle, we will not only lose the war, we will lose our freedom and everything else we hold dear.”

“After 9/11, America was once again a Judeo-Christian nation. For one week the nation was united. For one week we were a Judeo-Christian nation again. In times of suffering they come to the churches; but as soon as the fear dissipates, they forget God and return to their old ways.”

“I’m called to be a businessman and to exercise my gifts and talents in the marketplace. So in that sense the world is my pulpit.”

“If you walk with integrity, and remain faithful and diligent in all your affairs, the natural flow of life will take you from a stream to a river and from a river to an ocean.”

“True success cannot be measured in a few short years but only over a lifetime.”

“Climbing out of adversity can be tough, it can be grueling, and it can be overwhelming—until you reach out and grab hold of the one strong and solid rock that can pull you to safety.”

“A storm is coming and any pastor who fails to prepare his people for the tidal wave that is going to sweep this nation and the church in the very near future is failing the flock.”

“If the churches in America fail to stand up and speak out about the assault on religious liberty, the day will come when they will lose their right to speak.”

“God might have used the church to get you saved but He’s going to use the world to mature you.”

“True faith in God will not be developed inside the four walls of the church but in and through the circumstances of life.”

“The way we respond to the circumstances of life will determine success or failure in every area of our life.”

“Even though it may be the will of God for two people to go into business together that is no assurance that it will end up blessed, as humans we’re more than capable of messing up a good thing.”

“If Godliness with contentment is of great gain. then godliness without contentment is of little gain or maybe it isn’t Godliness at all.”

“It is never too late to do the right thing and if you don’t you can end up regretting it for the rest of your life.”

“Before God can trust us, He must first bring us to the place where He knows that we trust Him.”

“The way you respond to your present circumstances will determine where God takes you next and how you get there.”